Hi, my name is Adrian Williams, I have been a driving instructor since 2001.

Initially I lived and taught in the Luton area and was in partnership with a friend, working under the name of Oldhill. The name came from an estate called Oldhill which is in Dunstable where my business partner lived. I moved to Shefford in 2004 still working under the name of Oldhill but as the name has no relevance to my location now, I have decided to branch out under my own name.

I’m a full time driving instructor working 6 days a week unlike some other instructors who have a second job. This allows me to accommodate the most convenient time for you for your lesson and also when booking your test.

I cover test centres in Letchworth, Bedford and Luton and depending on your location I am happy to consider a preferred centre.

All lessons are carefully structured to suit your learning needs as I recognise that we are all individuals and learn at different levels.